There are many different combinations of QR code styles, and ScanMeSeeMe AR Marker.

Here is a list of potential combinations with some use cases.

Single QR and Single AR Image

This is our promo card we use to show clients. The QR code is scanned on the client’s smartphone and then they point the camera at the AR marker. You can see we don’t use the stylized QR code as some QR readers don’t like them.

Single AR Image

AR markers come in many different flavors… but we highly recommend a high contrast with a good about of ratio of edges for edge detection of the AR algorithms.

Your Content Goes Here

AR Image Embedded in QR Code

This is a very cool way to combine both. The 3D world is scaled to the size of the AR image (our logo in the center) so the 3D world could be abit small without additional settings being set. We can fix that for you but will need to be contacted as we have to change the code.

QR code as the AR Image

This seems like a fix to the previous potential issue of a small 3D world, but you don’t get a logo with this.

Stylized QR Code

The stylized QR code can be utilised to bring a abit more flare to the standard QR codes. Some QR readers struggle with some of the crazier styles. We give you your dedicated Unique URL which you can use to create your own QR code. We like the following;  it’s FREEEEEE as well.