In short – 0 to a few hundred (yearly purchases) about 100 times cheaper than a dedicated App developed for Android or iOS.

We charge a subscription basis be it monthly, multiple months (reduced costs to you).

Custom models, or bespoke applications are quoted on a job by job basis but we have created this platform to try and cover as much as possible.

  • AR profile for business cards (taken from your account).
  • AR video for marketing and promotions (taken from your account).
  • AR Business card with custom links (taken from your account).
  • AR 3D models – upload your own, or use one of ours.
  • Change the content any time you wish.

See our subscription and product list at SHOP.

Augmented Reality is dominated by App based platforms – Google Store, iOS Store, requiring a development team and more worrying, the need for clients new and old to download your application. ScanMeSeeMe allows AR through a web browser. Every smartphone and computer comes with a web browser pre-installed. We remove these obstacles.