We can not tell you every detail about the magic (some image recognition, a dash of video analysis, and a lot of wizardly).

We have tried to make the online platform as easy as possible.

In short;

  1. Sign up to our platform.
  2. Subscribe to a service (1, or 2, or all of them) – check out our Demo and check out our SHOP.
  3. We give you a QR code and AR Image.
  4. You print/publish/distribute your AR Image.
  5. Your customer or new clients navigate to your unique AR page and point their devices at the AR Image.

Your clients will only need a QR code scanner*. Use our FREE online QR code scanner *www.SeeQR.Me*. This means you can guide your users to this URL and the phone does the rest. The image below is an example of what we mean. See MarkerFAQ for details about the types of markers and QR code styles.


*Apple has a QR scanner in their Camera App by default – try it here.

*Android is not integrating one in with their updates but the user has to turn it on.

We will not recommend a QR code scanner from 3rd party or any of the App stores.

See our DEMO for an experience you will not forget.